Enchanting Forest Fairy and Elves
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Friday, September 14, 2018
By John Langridge
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Enchanting Forest Fairy and Elves


Beautiful Wall art and unique storybooks to treasure forever

Fabulous Christmas present ideas for the grandparents mums and dads 

and even for the children themselves.


Storytelling with them as the fairy or elf of the forest will get their imagination flowing and give us the great photo opportunities to

enable us to create images that will be passed through the generations


Call us now on 01342 712646 to book your appointment in plenty of time before christmas


Once upon a time there was this beautiful little girl who went for a walk in the enchanting forest to meet the fairies and to visit

the magic pool to make a wish......  She looked in the water and what did she see..........

Enchanting Forest Fairy & Elves

Story time at our studios in Copthorne. Visit our enchanting forest and meet all the woodland creatures and maybe, just maybe meet the forest fairies. We create beautiful wall art and even a book featuring your little ones in their own unique enchanting story

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